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Rochester New York Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Cellino & Barnes represents clients in the Rochester area who have been injured in bicycle accidents.

In New York State, the law requires children under 14 years of age to wear a helmet. Many of the serious and catastrophic bike accident injuries occur when children and adults do not wear helmets. Should the helmet law be changed to require helmets when riding a bike, regardless of age?

Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

The most common bike accident injuries are cuts and scrapes from falling off a bicycle. Many of these cuts and scrapes are minor and heal without the need for any medical attention.

Serious injuries, however, usually occur when a motor vehicle is involved. It doesn’t take much of an impact from a moving vehicle to cause serious and even life-threatening injuries to a bicyclist. Most life-threatening injuries happen when a person’s head makes contact with the pavement. Time is critical when the brain has been injured. The best way for a bicyclist to protect themselves is to wear a helmet, regardless of your age.

Safe Bike Paths in Rochester New York

Rochester, New York is a safe and beautiful community. It provides numerous bike paths, which are available to make your bike riding experience safe and enjoyable.

If you would like to go bike riding, Rochester offers many bike paths, including Letchworth State Park, Hamlin Beach, Cobbs Hill, Canal Park Trailway, Mendon Ponds Park and more.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Rochester area bicycle accident, Cellino & Barnes has made it easy for you to talk to us. You can call us at 800-888-8888, click on Rochester Bicycle Accident Attorneys to send us an e-mail, or click on the chat feature above to speak with an attorney online.

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